Summer Fun

As your child tells you that can not wait for the summer, said: “I’m tired,” inevitably cross their lips – sometimes faster than you think! Even if children do not enjoy freedom involved in the summer months, they still want to be a structure somewhat ‘more in their entertainment.

The following list of activities to help your family take advantage of the summer fun, and enliven your creativity to make all summer that would be! Children can choose any activities that interest them and fill in any order they want (your children will probably enjoy them check them off as complete). Some items require parental consent (approved by PET), but others are suitable for children up to the end alone. Some may even make the whole family!

Please take a moment to review the list, visit the website, and one that works best for the family. 101 things to do with these, you can just escape from the “I’m tired of” stasis this summer!

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